An Engineer and a Licensed Professional Geologist will be involved in all projects & services performed.

William W. Reichart, Inc., REICHART, is a full service Well, Pump, Water Treatment, Geothermal Loop, Environmental Investigation & Ground Water Drilling Services Company.

Our facilities are located in Hanover, PA where we have been serving our customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia since 1890. We are the trusted source in Ground Water Drilling Services Water System Installation and Repair throughout Hanover, PA and Westminster, MD.

Our services are diversified within the ground water industry; and our job performance is professional & specialized when it comes to your project. REICHART rigs and personnel can be found working for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial & government clients throughout our service area.

As certified well-drillers, pump installers, treatment specialists & geothermal loop installers, our dedicated team is here to handle your project by combining modern methods and old-fashioned customer service.  You can trust us – we are the professionals. We’ve been a locally-owned and operated company since 1890; and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Through pride and a commitment to quality service, REICHART gets the job done right. We strive to engineer our solutions & methodologies, so as to optimize the results and efficiency of your project.

Our services include:

Well:  Drilling  * Maintenance & Repair  *  Yield Improvement  * Yield Testing/Sampling  *

Pump:  *  Installation  *  Service  *  Conventional  *  Constant Pressure  *  Jet  *  Hand Pumps  *

Treatment:  Bacteria  *  Iron  *  pH *  Hardness  *  Manganese  *  Sulfur  *  Turbidity  *  Nitrates  *

Geothermal: * Open Loop  * Closed Loop  *  Thermal Grouting  *  Loop Repairs  *

Environmental:  Environmental Investigation  *  Environmental Remediation  *

Hydrogeologic:  *  Source Location & Flow  * Nitrate Balance  *  Safe Yield Studies  *  Monitoring  *



Wm. W.  Reichart,  Inc.

Serving throughout Southern PA and Maryland including Hanover and Westminster Since 1890